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Join us human!

15K Martians
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Save the Martians

15,000 Martians are being forced off their home planet by Eamon Tusk’s ruthless gang of colonizing technocrats.

The 5 tribes have come together to forge an escape plan. Their only hope of survival is to travel back in time to 2021 and have themselves minted as NFTs on the blockchain by Martian-loving humans.


Martian Merging Machine (Forging)

Holders will be able to merge 2 Martians together enabling you to pick your preferred traits from each one combing them to create your ideal Martian. This will increase scarcity over time and the collection becomes deflationary.

UFO Airdrops

Each Martian holder will be air dropped a unique randomly generated UFO for each Martian they own. The UFO’s are Free + gas.

The "Abducted Artifacts" collection

Martians receive random airdrops from the Abducted Artifacts collection. Anything from cows, humans, trees and even Earth technology such as fridges and televisions.

Mars Coins

Mars coins are ERC-20 tokens that martian holders will be eligible to claim. The coins will function as community voting tokens: enabling the community to vote on key governance decisions. The value of the coins will be backed by the community chest.

Mars 2.0: Play to earn basebuilding

This is currently in the concept stage as we figure out the exact mechanics of the game. The founding 15,000 martians will be rewarded with exclusive early-supporter benefits in the game when it is launched.

Please note, not all of the features listed above will be available from day 1, but we'd like to give you a taste of where we're headed.


  • 10%
    • 20 Martian holders are airdropped an additional Martian (Complete)
  • 25%
    • UFO air drops are activated. Each Martian holder gets a free unique randomly generated UFO for each Martian they own. Merged Martians are still eligible for two UFO’s. (Complete)
  • 50%
    • The Martian Merge Machine is activated making the collection deflationary. (Complete)
    • We build an image generator that combines your Martian with your UFO.
  • 75%
    • The first round of abducted artifacts are airdropped!
    • We open the Save the Martians merch store, exclusive to Martian holders.
    • 10 random Martians win a free STM hoodie
  • 100%
    • Development on Mars 2.0 Alpha begins


Each Martian is made up of 6 traits types: background, head, skin, mouth, eyes, and body. There are over 250 traits of varying rarities.

Each Martian is a verifiably unique ERC-721 token. There will never be more than 15k founding Martians. Up to 500 of the 15k will be withheld for giveaways, prizes and ensuring a meaningful and ongoing stake in the project.

Ownership and commercial usage rights are granted in full to the Martian holder over their Martian NFT.

The Team

Martian Man




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